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Shipping Information

We ship orders using US Mail right now.

Any overnight, express, 2 or 3 day shipping choices (including Priority Mail) will not guarantee that we have your items in stock and ready to ship. To avoid disappointment please Contact Us first before selecting these types of shipping methods and ask if we really have your items in stock.

Why no guarantee on speedy shipping? Well, this company is run by one person, and he does everything. Buying white stock and dyes, tying, dying, rinsing, janitorial, hanging with his kid, road crew and booth set up, selling, accounting and webmaster. Everything!
I can not guarantee that from inventory day to web sales and road shows that the website stock is totally up to date. I may have 3 items available one day and the website is right on, but then I sell one on the road. Website inventory might not match up if I don't get to it right away. I could even make a batch of tie dye and not update the website directly. This could lead to me having items in stock that are showing out of stock online.

I make these tie dyes by hand, and therefore let me know if you see something out of stock. I can probably make you one. Probably?! What? Yep. It is all handmade and some items I have are limited stock. Might be a closeout item that I no longer have the blank whites available for dying.

Paying by check instantly puts your shipping on hold until we verify payment.

Verification will take as long as you take to mail us the check, plus the time it takes the bank to verify the funds. After that we will ship your product(s). This might take 2-3 weeks alone to receive and verify the funds, whether you choose overnight shipping or not.
If you do choose a more expensive faster shipping rate, that only means you get your items that many days AFTER we SHIP the order. If you know you need an order by "such and such" a date, make plans to order well in advance to make sure you get it when you need it. You may always contact us to see if we can get you an order faster. The tie dyes sold on this site are all handmade by one person, on a small scale, so you see the need for us to restrict huge fast quick orders.

Returned Checks: Let's just say this- don't let it happen. A returned check, for whatever reason, will need to be reissued immediately, with a $25.00 returned check fee added in to the initial order fee. Remember that your order won't even ship until we get an "okay" from our bank. One returned check will put a huge damper on any further "pay by check" orders you make. Be wary that check fraud is a crime and will be investigated by law.

If there is a problem with the order- wrong count, color or size; damaged or defective garments or materials; you just remembered you hate tie dye...CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY BEFORE YOU RETURN ANY ITEMS.

Damaged or defective items must be declared within fourteen (14) days of shipping date or they can not be returned. Damaged goods and any "Hey, that's not what I ordered" claims will be exchanged or refunded 100% of your cost.

All other returns need to be addressed within thirty (30) days of shipping date. Ex: Hippy Mom bought a birthday dye for Death Rocker Daughter; but of course, she only wears black... We're with you mom, contact us, we'll work something out. Shipping charges will be the customer's expense. ANY ITEMS RETURNED WITHOUT NOTIFYING US FIRST WILL INCUR A 10% RESTOCKING FEE, AND SHIPPING COSTS WILL NOT BE REFUNDED.

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