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The information you give us is private. We do not give out or sell any information you provide.

GraphicRats Studio does not collect any information about you to resell or give out. We make and sell primarily tie dye. Period. The information we ask for is mainly needed for billing and shipping your orders.

We must give your shipping address to the shipping service you choose of course, or else you will never receive your order. Sometimes we provide said shipper with your email address so they may send you a package tracking notice, but usually we send you the tracking info ourselves.

We ask for your phone number in case we need to contact you quickly or emails aren't answered. We don't sell or give out phone numbers. Telemarketers suck. Phishing phone calls suck.

Uh oh. Cookies. GraphicRats.Com uses a cookie based system to keep track of your sessions when you visit. These are not tracking cookies in the sense that we track you wherever you go on the internet. No. Our website keeps track of you through a unique session ID number. We store that info on a "cookie." If your browser is set to not accept cookies, then you will not be able to log in to a secure page. Any page that has places where you enter info to send out is secure using 128bit encryption technology. If we don't use the cookie method then your session ID is pasted in your browser window. That ID can be hijacked through various methods, putting your account in jeopardy. Hence the cookie. It's just a way that this website knows that you are still you. We (as in the one guy that runs this website and makes all the tie dye you see on it) have no time whatsoever to collect profiling data to feed the machine. YUK.

Credit Card Data. All data passed from you to us is encrypted with 128 bit secure socket layer. We do NOT store your credit card information.

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